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FEES Accreditation Programme

The ESSD FEES accreditation program pursues three aims: First, the definition of quality standards and systematic procedures, designed to guarantee the consistent performance of FEES throughout Europe. In the long run, the intended standardization of terminology, examination algorithms and interpretation of results will not only facilitate professional communication within a given hospital, but will also contribute to the optimization of understanding between the various sites involved in the treatment of an individual patient over time, e.g. acute clinic, rehabilitation clinic, outpatient care; Second, a formal accreditation program leading to a valorization of FEES as an independent, clinically relevant and sought-after qualification; Third, to provide a clear pathway to regulate the use of FEES by several professional domains, inside a multidisciplinary team, as practiced in other parts of the world and even in other disciplines.


The next edition of the FEES Course will be held in Mataró, Barcelona 7-8 of February 2019

Registration now open, by filling the form on the tap 'Contact'.


To register:

1) Fill in your details by clicking 'Contact'

2) Send you doccments required at essd.accreditation@myessd.org

3) Pay the fee to the following account:

European Society for Swallowing Disorders

Banc de Sabadell Atlantico, Via Laietana 47, 08000 Barcelona

IBAN: ES4600810057310001636668


with a concept of: name and surname + FEES course


For more information: email essd.accreditation@myessd.org

ESSD FEES Course Programme

Online Programme

ESSD e-module: Oropharyngeal Dysphagia: Pathophysiology and Management

Physiology of deglutition

Neurogenic dysphagia – diseases, epidemiology and complications

OD as a geriatric syndrome

Clinical screening and clinical diagnosis

Indications for instrumental studies

Videofluoroscopic swallowing study 

Esophageal endoscopy and manometry

Classification and grading of neurogenic dysphagia

Evidence-based treatment of dysphagia

Nutritional and respiratory complications of dysphagia


Onsite Programme          

Venue: Hospital de Mataró, Carretera de Cirera s/n, 08304 Mataró, Barcelona

Day 1   Thursday 07.02.2019

08:30 – 09:00       Registration

09:00-09.30         Welcome & Introduction

[Rainer Dziewas] 

09:30-10:30         FEES I: Standard FEES-Protocol

[Rainer Dziewas]       

10:30-11:00         Coffee break

11:00-11:30         FEES II: Salient findings

[Antonio Schindler and Tobias Warnecke]

11:30-12:00         FEES III: Examples from clinical routine

[Antonio Schindler and Tobias Warnecke]

12:00-12:30         Classification and grading of neurogenic dysphagia

[Antonio Schindler and Tobias Warnecke]

12:30-13:00         Question and Answers

[Antonio Schindler and Tobias Warnecke]

13:00-14:00         Lunch

14:00-14:30         Technical procedures: sterilization, cleaning, safety of patient

[Laura Baijens]

14:30-15:30         FEES hands-on I : in small groups, preparatory steps, handling of the scope, training with a dummy

[Rainer Dziewas, Tobias Warnecke and Laura Baijens]                   

15:30-16:30         FEES hands-on II: in small groups, practicing FEES on each other

[Rainer Dziewas, Tobias Warnecke and Laura Baijens]

16:30-17:30         Analysis of FEES videos I in small groups

[Rainer Dziewas, Tobias Warnecke and Daniele Farnetti]

17:30-18:00         Discussion, concluding remarks

[Laura Baijens]             

18:00                   End of Day 1


Day 2            Friday 08.02.19

08.15 – 8.30        Registration

08:30-09:00        Specific FEES protocols for neurogenic dysphagia

[Tobias Warnecke]

09:00-09:30        Dysphagia in the ICU

[Rainer Dziewas]

09:30-10:00        Dysphagia in older patients

[Pere Clavé]

10.00-10.30         FEES report

[Laura Baijens]

10:30-11:00         Coffee break

11:00-12:00         FEES hands-on III: reciprocal practice and practicing in small groups

[Antonio Schindler, Rainer Dziewas, Tobias Warnecke and Daniele Farnetti]

12:00-13:00         Patient case

[Antonio Schindler]

13:00-14:00         Lunch

14:00-15:00         Analysis of FEES videos II in small groups

[Antonio Schindler, Rainer Dziewas, Daniele Farnetti and Tobias Warnecke]

15:00- 15:30        When to be alert: Important ENT findings

[Laura Baijens]

15:30-16:30         Clinical decision-making based on FEES findings

[Laura Baijens, Rainer Dziewas, Daniele Farnetti, Antonio Schindler and Tobias Warnecke]

16:30-17:30         Exam

17:30-18:00         Discussion of the exam

[ Laura Baijens, Rainer Dziewas, Daniele Farnetti, Antonio Schindler and Tobias Warnecke]

18:00-18:15         Concluding remarks

18:15                  End of FEES-Workshop


ESSD FEES Accreditation full programme here